Welcome to the 3D Printing Club!

We are a group of OSU students who love 3D printing (or want to learn). Any level of experience, from none to building your own printer is welcome! Our club offers:

  • Training and workshops on FFF 3D printing
  • Over 20 printers
  • Free printing (some terms we charge dues of ~$10 a term - we do not intend to charge any dues in 2023)
  • A space to meet and hang out with others interested in 3D printing!
  • Events/activities (like the 3D Derby)
  • Printing challenges
  • Projects (like printer builds and space improvements)
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Industry tours


Join us at our weekly Tuesday meetings!


Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/CUrEfbWPHy



We have a variety of ways you can get involved with us this year:

1) 3D Print Competition - Compete with other members by designing and printing a product with certain requirements. For Winter, we are hosting the 3D derby!

2) Printer Build - Work with a team to custom-build a 3D printer or retrofit old printers

3) National Competitions - Participate in national 3D printing and design competitions!

4) Printer Upkeep - Learn how to service the 3D printers!

5) General Member - Just here to print!


New Members

Come to a meeting and get involved! Every term we review 3D printing news and updates, work together on projects, and lead educational sessions about a variety of aspects of 3D printing. Additionally, we will train you on how to use our 3D printers!


If you haven't registered under the SLI system, you can do that here: https://apps.ideal-logic.com/osusli… Dues for this club are typically $30 for the entire academic year or $10 a term (but this year Fall/Winter/Spring term is free!), used to cover material costs and maintenance of our 3D printers. Feel free to attend a couple meetings before paying dues!



For any questions contact us at: 3dprintingclub@oregonstate.edu

Last updated March 2023.