April 2019

Welcome to the first edition of the ASME OSU Newsletter! The purpose is to provide updates about our club and give shoutouts to our great sponsors to make sure everybody gets the recognition they deserve!

Shell Eco-Marathon
This past week, we went to the Shell Eco-Marathon for the fourth consecutive year. It is an international energy efficient vehicle competition. The goal, ultimate efficiency. This year for the first time, the club brought both a Prototype (left) and an Urban Concept (right). Both of our vehicles are in the battery electric fuel category.

The scope of the Prototype vehicle is ridiculous efficiency. Comfort is sacrificed for aerodynamics and weight minimization. Our prototype vehicle (left) has gotten second place the past three years and received a top efficiency of an equivalent 9000 mpg at Detroit in 2017. This vehicle made it through the whole technical inspection but wasn't working properly the first run on the track due to some motor controller issues. We were able to fix them, but on the second run, the vehicle hit a bump and rolled over after the first lap. The car still appears all structurally together but the carbon was cracked enough to make another run impractical and dangerous. We will now proudly retire this vehicle knowing it brought us great success all the way to its breaking point.

Urban Concept
The scope of the Urban Concept is a vehicle that more realistically resembles efficient city driving. Opposed to the prototype, the driver sits upright, it must have two doors, street legal lights, and an actual steering wheel. Our Urban Concept has been in the making for the past few years and we were really excited to finally bring it to the track. With countless hours of work both over spring break and the past two terms, the vehicle made it through 9/12 of the technical inspection stations. Unfortunately, due to lack of a working motor controller, we weren't able to get on the track, but we learned a lot and look forward to making improvements and racing it next year!


Thank you again to all of our sponsors proudly displayed on both of our vehicles and everyone who makes this all possible. From all of us in the club, it is really something that brings us together and we enjoy it so much!

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