The AGC Student Chapter of OSU is involved on campus, in the community and industry. We provide collaborative activities designed to enhance our student's learning experience.

  • Opportunities to meet and work with AGC member contractors (potential future employers)
  • Opportunities to tour local construction projects
  • Access to regional and national scholarships sponsored by the AGC Education & Research Foundation
  • Opportunities to impact the community while gaining recognition from the AGC National Convention




Ashlee Muresan
  • Ashlee is a Senior in the CEM program.

  • Ashlee joined AGC because she wanted to get more involved within OSU and the construction industry. Now as President, she want to be able to give students the same opportunities AGC has given her.

  • In her free time she like to go on hikes, lift at the gym, read books, and watch/play any sport.

  • Email:
Drew Malinowski
Vice President
  • Drew is a senior studying CEM who graduates in the winter of 2023
  • He is passionate about marketing the amazing resources and opportunities that are available to Oregon State students
  • Drew spends his free time outside exploring nature from hiking to skiing
  • Email:
Austin Milliren
Social Chair
  • Austin is a senior in the CEM program.
  • Austin is passionate about helping others, problem solving, and seeing the impact the construction industry has in the community.
  • In his free time, Austin enjoys sports, spending time with friends, and backpacking.
  • Email:
Thomas Augee
  • Thomas is a Junior is Civil Engineering. He transferred to OSU in 2021
  • He has been involved with AGC since 2021.
  • In his free time he likes to go on long runs, play soccer, and spend time with friends. 
  • Email:
Erick Moreno
  • Erick is a second year graduate student pursuing a master's in Civil Engineering with a focus in Construction Engineering Management.

  • Erick is very passionate about the heavy civil construction industry and is always super excited to learn more about it.

  • Erick loves to spend his spare time playing sports and with his family.

  • Email:
Hector Najera-Hernandez
Outreach Coordinator
  • Hector is a junior in the CEM program. 
  • He has been involved in AGC for the past two years.
  • Hector got involved with the Oregon State AGC Student Chapter to network with companies and to connect other students in the school of Civil and Construction Engineering with internships and full-time employment opportunities.
  • Email:
Ashlyn Heusch
Speaker Meeting Coordinator
  • Ashlyn is a second year student CEM and Honors Colege student.

  • She is involved with AGC, DBIA, SWE clubs. Ashlyn also performs research in risk management in construction.

  • During her free time Ashlyn enjoys walking her Dog, Stella, bake, and get ice cream with her friends.

  • Email:
Nick Bilaniv
Speaker Meeting Coordinator
  • Nick is a senior CEM major with a minor in business. 
  • Nick plans to work for a general contractor in the Porland area upon graduation. 
  • In his free time, Nick enjoys watchin sports, health and fitness activities, and travelling. 
  • Email:


Benny Beaver
Staff Advisor
David Trejo
Faculty Advisor

Past Presidents

Year President
2021-2022 Steven Dwyer
2020-2021 Jessie Howell
2019-2020 Madison Opdahl
2018-2019 Niklas Tostar
2017-2018 Alex Park
2016-2017 Alexandra Budlong
2015-2016 Andrew Riley
2014-2015 Chris Duty
2013-2014 Jeff Nakashima
2012-2013 Byran Pendergrass
2011-2012 Sarah Sullivan
2010-2011 Marc Putman
2009-2010 Kelly Davis
2008-2009 Eryn Kelley
2007-2008 Jared Hargens
2006-2007 Kyle Winkler
2005-2006 Ryan Miller
2004-2005 Kati Sprague
2003-2004 Brad Jenks
2002-2003 Nic Vial
2001-2002 Jeff Gray
2000-2001 Katie Jeremiah
1999-2000 Katy Johnson
1998-1999 Jared Rickenbach
1997-1998 Jason Armstrong
1996-1997 David Johnson
1995-1996 Rick Jenkins
1994-1995 Tary Carlson
1993-1994 Jennifer Allen
1992-1993 Mike Batie
1991-1992 Jim Reel
1990-1991 John Tenneson
1989-1990 Fred Ford
1988-1989 Ron Duce
1987-1988 Kent Boden
1986-1987 Carl Garrison
1985-1986 Rich Tolvstad
1984-1985 Craig Smelter
1983-1984 Ric Tenneson
1982-1983 Brent Kerr
1981-1982 Kirk Sherman
1980-1981 Bruce McIntosh
1979-1980 Don Thompson
1978-1979 Deborah Sether
1977-1978 Brad Dennis
1976-1977 Bruce Martin
1975-1976 Dennis Davis
1974-1975 Dennis Hoffbuhr
1973-1974 Scott Williams
1972-1973 Arthur Miville
1971-1972 Gary Olson
1970-1971 William Peutz
1969-1970 Jim Goff
1968-1969 Walt Gamble