The AGC Student Chapter of OSU is involved on campus, in the community and industry. We provide collaborative activities designed to enhance our student's learning experience.

  • Opportunities to meet and work with AGC member contractors (potential future employers)
  • Opportunities to tour local construction projects
  • Access to regional and national scholarships sponsored by the AGC Education & Research Foundation
  • Opportunities to impact the community while gaining recognition from the AGC National Convention




Brandon Walker
  • Brandon Walker is a dynamic first-year student at Oregon State University, where he is pursuing a Bachelor's in Construction Engineering Management. His passion for construction and project management is backed by a rich background in the field, having gained significant experience ranging from tile installation to plan drawing and project estimation

  • Brandon's involvement in the AGC student chapter since his first term at OSU showcases his commitment to the construction community. This year, he is particularly enthusiastic about his role in AGC, where he aims to raise awareness about the club and the outstanding opportunities it offers. His goals include enhancing the visibility of AGC on campus and emphasizing the professional and personal growth that participation can foster.

  • In addition to his academic pursuits, Brandon has honed a variety of skills, including advanced capabilities in Microsoft Office, 3D modeling, video editing, and AI learning software. His recent roles include working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at OSU, focusing on data analysis in transportation engineering, and previous positions at R&D Signature Renovations and Hoffman Construction Company, where he developed his project management and team collaboration skills.

  • Outside of his professional life, Brandon is an avid gym enthusiast and enjoys meeting new people and building relationships. His proactive approach and dedication to his field make him a valuable member of the AGC student chapter and a promising future leader in construction engineering.

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Tobin Burke
Vice President
  • Tobin Burke is a fourth-year student majoring in Construction Engineering Management at Oregon State University, set to graduate in December 2025. With a robust academic background and practical experience, Tobin specializes in project estimation and quantity takeoff, skills that he has honed through two years of intern experience as a Project Manager/Estimator.
  • Currently, Tobin is an intern at Pacific Excavation Inc. in Albany, Oregon, where he has been instrumental in managing and estimating projects since March 2023. His role involves intricate planning and execution, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every task undertaken.
  • Tobin’s commitment to his field is evident not only in his professional endeavors but also in his leadership roles at OSU. As a Senior Operations Associate at Dixon Recreational Center, he oversees the entire operations team, managing schedules and ensuring the facility runs smoothly. This position has allowed him to develop strong leadership skills and an ability to work effectively under pressure.
  • Known for his hardworking nature and quick learning ability, Tobin is recognized by professors and peers alike for his dedication and exceptional problem-solving skills. He believes in the power of perseverance and embraces challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • In his spare time, Tobin enjoys staying active and is deeply involved in his local community. His passion for construction and management, combined with his leadership capabilities, make him a promising future professional in the engineering sector.
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Theodore "Theo" Burket
  • Theodore "Theo" Burket is a third-year Civil Engineering student at Oregon State University, distinguished by his academic excellence and practical experience in the field. His interest in transportation, commercial construction, and fish and wildlife preservation underscores his diverse approach to civil engineering.
  • Over the past two years, Theo has actively participated in both AGC and ASCE, demonstrating his commitment to the civil engineering community. He also contributes to the educational environment at Oregon State as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant (ULA) for the College of Civil and Construction Engineering (CCE), where he supports fellow students in navigating complex engineering concepts
  • Theo’s experience includes a recent role as a Civil Engineer Student Trainee with the Federal Highway Administration, where he has been engaged since April 2024. He has also worked as a Project Engineer at SUULUTAAQ INC, participating in the expansion of the I-205 Abernethy Bridge project. Here, his responsibilities ranged from performing takeoffs and tracking quantities to handling material submittals and project management tasks, skills that have greatly enhanced his professional capability.
  • Recognized for his academic achievements, Theo was named on the Oregon State Dean's List for two consecutive years and received the prestigious Stevan Garlick Civil Engineering Award. He also possesses practical skills certified by his Forklift Certification, which adds to his versatile profile.
  • In his leisure time, Theo enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and watching movies with friends. His passion for engineering is matched by his enthusiasm for the outdoors and a well-rounded lifestyle.
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Spencer Elliott
  • Spencer Elliott, a dedicated student at Oregon State University, is currently pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with an anticipated graduation in 2025. His commitment to academic excellence is evident as he engages deeply in his studies and aims to apply his knowledge practically.
  • During the summer of 2023, Spencer enhanced his practical skills as a Project Engineer Intern at Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI) in Vancouver, Washington. This experience allowed him to apply his classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios, preparing him for future challenges in the engineering field.
  • Spencer joined the AGC student chapter believing strongly in the club’s potential to make a significant impact. His enthusiasm for growth and development within the club is matched by his vision to expand its reach and influence among students. Spencer is particularly excited about introducing innovative events and initiatives that will foster a greater sense of community and professional development among members.
  • Outside of his professional and academic pursuits, Spencer enjoys exploring local markets, engaging in outdoor activities, and spending quality time with friends and peers. His involvement in the club and dedication to his studies make him a remarkable student and an inspiring club officer.
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Dawson Stegemoller
Speaker meeting coordinator
  • Dawson Stegemoller is an ambitious student at Oregon State University, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Construction Engineering Management, with an expected graduation in June 2026. His passion for engineering is matched by his dedication to acquiring a comprehensive skill set that includes Python programming, proficiency in Microsoft Outlook and Excel, and specialized certification as a Procore Certified Subcontractor.

  • During his academic career, Dawson has already started to make his mark in the professional world with a series of internships and positions that showcase his versatility and commitment. Most recently, he completed a four-month internship with JH Kelly, LLC in Vancouver, Washington, where he gained hands-on experience in the construction industry.

  • Prior to that, Dawson worked as an installer at Oregon Specialty Systems, where he was involved in complex installations across the Portland metropolitan area. His earlier role as a Courtesy Clerk at Albertsons Companies provided him with foundational customer service skills and a strong work ethic.

  • Dawson’s involvement at Oregon State University goes beyond academics as he actively participates in community and campus activities. His ability to juggle educational responsibilities with work commitments speaks volumes about his time management skills and determination.

  • For recreation, Dawson enjoys staying active and engaged with his community, always looking for new skills to learn and ways to contribute. With his diverse skills and proactive approach, Dawson is poised to become a significant contributor to the field of construction engineering.

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Joseph Fisher
Speaker meeting coordinator
  • Joseph Fisher is an enthusiastic student at Oregon State University, pursuing a degree in Construction Engineering Management with an expected graduation in 2026. Committed to his academic success, Joseph is recognized as a diligent and reliable student within his program.
  • As a member of the AGC student chapter, Joseph is genuinely excited about contributing to the club. He values the networking opportunities that AGC provides and is eager to leverage these interactions to foster professional growth and build lasting relationships in the construction industry. Joseph is dedicated to supporting club activities and initiatives, believing strongly in the club's positive impact on students' professional journeys.
  • Joseph's involvement in AGC is a testament to his belief in the club's mission and his commitment to being an active part of its community. His goal is to help as much as he can, ensuring that the club remains a pivotal resource for fellow students interested in construction engineering.
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Macy Montgomery
Outreach coordinator Lead
  • Macy Montgomery is a dedicated third-year student at Oregon State University, majoring in Construction Engineering Management with an expected graduation in June 2025. Macy’s academic journey is complemented by her recent internship at Perlo Construction in Tualatin, Oregon, where she gained valuable industry experience as a Project Intern.

  • Committed to shaping the future of the construction industry, Macy is particularly passionate about inspiring the next generation of engineers. She is an advocate for increasing female participation in construction and actively works towards creating more inclusive environments within the field.
  • As an active member of the AGC student chapter, Macy is excited about introducing new members to the club and enhancing networking opportunities for students. Her efforts are focused on organizing events that connect students with industry professionals, thereby fostering a robust professional network that supports educational and career development.
  • Macy's enthusiasm for her field and her commitment to making a positive impact on her peers make her a standout member of the AGC chapter. She is looking forward to another productive year of engaging new faces and supporting her fellow students in their professional growth.
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Elexis Nicholas
Outreach coordinator
  • Elexis Nicholas is a diligent student at Oregon State University, currently pursuing a degree in Construction Management with an anticipated graduation in September 2026. Her strong analytical skills, proficiency in Revit, and excellent communication abilities make her a standout student who is committed to her academic and professional development.
  • Elexis is currently working as an Office Assistant at the Oregon State Motor Pool, where she has been able to apply her skills in a practical setting since September 2023. This role has enhanced her organizational and administrative capabilities, preparing her for future challenges in the construction industry.
  • Eager to contribute to her team's success, Elexis is actively involved in various projects and is always looking for ways to assist her peers and advance the group's objectives. Her enthusiasm for being part of a team and her willingness to help out as much as she can are evident in her proactive approach to both her studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Elexis's commitment to her field and her eagerness to make a positive impact make her a valuable member of any team she joins.
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Staff Advisor
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Faculty Advisor

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