The AGC Student Chapter of OSU is involved on campus, in the community and industry. We provide collaborative activities designed to enhance our student's learning experience.

  • Opportunities to meet and work with AGC member contractors (potential future employers)
  • Opportunities to tour local construction projects
  • Access to regional and national scholarships sponsored by the AGC Education & Research Foundation
  • Opportunities to impact the community while gaining recognition from the AGC National Convention




Steven Dwyer
  • Steven is a Senior in the CEM program.

  • Steven leapt at the opportunity to join AGC after seeing how it helps students with tremendous opportunities to advance their careers and education.

  • Steven enjoys exploring the outdoors, hunting, fishing and gaming in his free time.

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Daniel Smotkin
Vice President
  • Daniel is born and raised from the Portland area
  • He is studying Architectural Engineering with an interest in virtual design and mass timber buildings
  • Daniel was attracted to the construction industry after seeing that the building process can be further improved with the use of technology
  • Email:
Elsa Moreno
Outreach Coordinator
  • Elsa is a junior in the CEM program.

  • She is really passionate about the accessibility, wellness, and sustainability aspects of the built environment.

  • She loves singing, communicating concepts with motion graphics, and meeting new people!

  • Email:
Maddy Rozansky
  • Madeleine “Maddy” is a senior in the CEM program with a minor in Business.
  • Maddy is passionate about connecting students with opportunities in the industry.
  • Maddy enjoys rooting for the SF Giants, spending time with family, and going to the coast.
  • Email:
Erick Moreno
  • Erick is a first year graduate student pursuing a master's in Civil Engineering with a focus in Construction Engineering Management.

  • Erick is very passionate about the heavy civil construction industry and is always super excited to learn more about it.

  • Erick loves to spend his spare time playing sports and with his family.

  • Email:
Jessie Howell
Social Chair
  • Jessie is a senior in the CEM program.
  • Jessie is passionate about helping others, problem solving, and the design of the built environment.
  • Jessie loves practicing yoga, photography, and exploring the outdoors in her spare time.
  • Email:
Tacoma Brown
Speaker Meeting Coordinator
  • Tacoma is a Junior in the AE program.

  • Tacoma joined AGC because he wants to help other students experience the friendly construction community and professional opportunities available through the program.

  • During his free time, Tacoma enjoys learning the skills and collecting the tools necessary to complete various DIY projects.

  • Email:
Ashlee Muresan
Speaker Meeting Coordinator
  • Ashlee is a Junior in the CEM Program
  • Ashlee joined AGC and became and officer because I wanted to get more involved with both Oregon State University and the construction industry
  • In my free time I like to explore and read in the outdoors, and when the weather isn’t the best I love to play video games or watch basketball and soccer.
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Erin Wrikkala
Staff Advisor
David Trejo
Faculty Advisor

Past Presidents

Year President
2019-2020 Madison Opdahl
2018-2019 Niklas Tostar
2017-2018 Alex Park
2016-2017 Alexandra Budlong
2015-2016 Andrew Riley
2014-2015 Chris Duty
2013-2014 Jeff Nakashima
2012-2013 Byran Pendergrass
2011-2012 Sarah Sullivan
2010-2011 Marc Putman
2009-2010 Kelly Davis
2008-2009 Eryn Kelley
2007-2008 Jared Hargens
2006-2007 Kyle Winkler
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1987-1988 Kent Boden
1986-1987 Carl Garrison
1985-1986 Rich Tolvstad
1984-1985 Craig Smelter
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