Niklas Tostar


Niklas is a senior in the CEM program at Oregon State University.  He has been involved with the Associated General Contractors Student Chapter for the past three years - as the sophomore representative, vice-president, and now president.  Niklas got involved with AGC because he enjoys having a leadership roll, building relationships in the industry, and helping students network. He has had two internships - one with Apollo Mechanical Contractors on Grant high school, and the second with Andersen Construction on Oregon State sustaining projects. Niklas is in the process of deciding on pursuing an MBA next year or entering the industry to work. 


James Dimond

Vice President

James is a senior in the CEM program at Oregon State University. He has been involved with the Associated General Contractors Student Chapter for the past two as a speaker meeting coordinator and is currently the vice president.  James got involved with AGC as a way to grow his professional network and ensure that students at OSU were getting every opportunity they could to be involved with the industry. He has one internship in the construction industry with Yorke and Curtis, Inc. and two with ZGF Architects.  He plans to work in Seattle after graduation with a general contractor.


Madison Opdahl

Outreach Coordinator

Madison is a Junior in the CEM program at Oregon State University. She began her involvement with the Associated General Contractors student chapter as a Sophomore Class Representative and now serves as the Outreach Coordinator. She wanted to get involved with AGC because of the awesome opportunities and networking the chapter offers within the construction industry. She interned with McCarthy Builders on the Knight Cancer Research Building in Portland this past summer and really enjoyed having the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the field. She plans to achieve her CEM major in the spring of 2020, as well as a minor in both Spanish and Business. 


Alex Radcliffe


Alex is a Senior in the CEM program as well as the Sustainability dual degree program here at OSU. He has been involved with the Associated General Contractors student chapter for the past 3 years – as a general member and now as the treasurer. He wanted to get involved with AGC because wanted to be a part of something more than just his education as well giving back those who gave so much to him. He has interned with Andersen Construction for the last two years where he worked on two large multifamily projects: TwentyTwenty Condominiums and Touchmark in the West Hills. He will start as a Project Engineer with Andersen Construction shortly after graduating in the Spring of 2019.


Victoria Murguia




Jessica Massoni

Social Chair

Jessica is a senior in the CEM program at Oregon State. She has been involved with the Associated General Contractors student chapter for the past year as the Social Chair. She wanted to get involved with AGC because there were many opportunities to network with industry professionals and gain leadership experience. She has interned with Bremik construction for the summer of 2018 working on a tilt-up elementary school project. She plans on taking a vacation to Europe and then moving to Seattle and working full-time with PCL construction upon graduation.


Paul Foershe

Speaker Meeting Coordinator

Paul is a Senior in the CEM program at Oregon State. He has been involved with the Associated General Contractors student chapter for the past 2 years – as a Junior Representative and the Student Speaker Meeting Coordinator. He wanted to get involved with AGC because he wanted to find a way to get involved with his future industry and his college. He plans on joining the military after he graduates from college. 



 Connor Rooney

Speaker Meeting Coordinator

Connor is a Junior in the CEM program at Oregon State University. He also has a minor in Business Entrepreneurship and Economics. He has been involved in Associated General Contractors for the past two years - as an active member and currently as a Speaker Meeting Coordinator. Connor got involved with AGC to network with several companies, make relationships with peers in the school of Civil and Construction Engineering, and to make a positive impact on the Oregon State AGC Student Chapter. Connor has had one internship with Turner Construction during the summer of 2018, and is planning on interning with R&H Construction for the summer of 2019. 

Lauren Farmen 

Staff Advisor

David Trejo 

Faculty Advisor

Last Presidents

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