We are just a bunch of people interested in non-traditional (OOP and Imperative) programming languages. We realize that there are many ways to do computation and are really just programming languages nerds. If you’ve ever thought “Wow lisp is cool” or “Jeeze I wish python had applicatives”, or perhaps “What is all this functional programming jargon, why would anyone ever use this stuff?”, then you’ll fit right in.

Likewise we are dedicated to teaching and helping others learn functional languages. It is jarring the first time you reach out for another programming paradigm and as the functional programming club the least we can do is offer our help. We are a mixed bag of experience with members ranging from PhD students and candidates, to first year undergraduates, seniors and master’s students. It doesn’t matter who you are as long as you bring your curiosity you’ll be at home.

This is the club’s nascent year and we have had overwhelming support from the school, the programming languages group, and all of the students that have made it possible, thank you all for your efforts!

Stay functional,