Welcome to the Engineering Student Council!

ESC is a student-run organization at Oregon State University. The purpose of the ESC is to coordinate and support the activities of engineering student organizations, and the students therein. ESC is the single point of reference in the College of Engineering between faculty, staff, and students for resources pertaining to the creation of new student organizations and the operation of existing ones (policies regarding funding, fundraising, travel, events). ESC is committed to helping engineering organizations and individuals reach their full potential through professional advancement workshops and outreach events. 

  • ESC Student Club Board Officers

President of ESC

David Celano (He/Him)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Oversee all ESC operations and Members

Report results to Engineering Department Leads

Delegate tasks to ESC Board

Develop new ESC Infrastructure

Lead General Body and Team Meetings


Vice President of Development

Matt Mende (He/Him)

Major: Industrial Engineering

Direct and Carry out the Leadership Retreat event

Work with Student-Led Organizations to develop leadership and technical skills

Develop utilities for emerging organizations

Work with other ESC Members to carry out objectives

Attend and Present at General Body Meetings


Vice President of Events

Carly Thorkildson (She/They)

Major: Chemical Engineering

Attend and present at the general body meetings

Plan and execute the fall club fair

Plan and execute Engineer’s Week events

Seek sponsorship and donations from the College of Engineering and surrounding community

Work closely with other officers to promote the ESC image and message


Vice President of Finance

Lauren Ellett (She/Her)

Major: Radiation Health Physics

Oversee ESC budget and finances

Oversee Funding Requests from Engineering Student Organizations

Develop a formula for dispersion for Engineering Funding amongst clubs

Work with other ESC Members to Develop new finance tools

Attend and present at General Body Meetings


Vice President of Information & Communication

Alana Kihn (She/Her)

Major: Computer Science

Direct Student Organizations to appropriate resources

Oversee ESC’s online presence and utilities

Send the weekly newsletter to students and faculty

Work with ESC officers to promote ESC image and message

Work with Department Offices to provide new utilities to Student Organizations


Vice President of Outreach

Samantha Hsu (She/Her)

Major: Industrial Engineering

Work with Engineering LLC groups to promote involvement to freshman

Work to Market Events and ESC using ESC marketing guidelines

Develop the Winter Club Fair during Winter Term

Work with other ESC Board to develop new tools

Attend at present at General Body Meetings


Info/Comm Chair

Rishitha Chandra (She/Her)

Major: Computer Science

Assists VP of Info/Comm with objectives

Events Chair

Praseeda Ravuri (She/Her)

Major: Computer Science

Assists VP of Events with objectives

  • ESC Student Advisory Board Senators


CBEE ESC Senator

Casey Johnson (He/They)

ESC Senator Objective: 

Favourite Dinosaur: Basilosaurus


CCE ESC Senator

Martin Kaiser (He/Him)

ESC Senator Objective: Connect my fellow students to our staff, clubs, and other students in engineering.

Favourite Dinosaur: Deinosuchus


BEE ESC Senator

Grace Boisen (She/Her)

ESC Senator Objective: Increase awareness of the BEE program and help students connect with faculty, clubs, and other engineering disciplines here at OSU.

Favourite Dinosaur: Ankylosaurus



EECS ESC Senator

Marshall Saltz (He/Him)

ESC Senator Objective: Advocate for the needs of students and facilitate communication with faculty and students within the School of EECS.

Favourite Dinosaur: Mosasaurus



MIME ESC Senator

James Shea (He/Him)

ESC Senator Objective: Make a lasting difference that positively impacts students.

Favourite Dinosaur: Pterodactyl



NSE ESC Senator

Hayden Forster (He/Him)

ESC Senator Objective: Raise NSE students awareness to the resources and clubs on campus to improve their experience at OSU.

Favourite Dinosaur: Triceratops


  • ESC Alumni


We want to give a special thanks to all of our ESC alumni who have done so much for us in past years. 


2019 President of ESC

Sneha Sinha (She/Her/Hers)


2019 Vice President of Development

Marquis Morgan (He/Him/His)


2020 President of ESC

Faaiq Waqar (He/Him/His)


2020 Vice-President of Events

Lauren Lippman (She/Her/Hers)


2020 Vice-President of Development

Melanie Huynh (She/Her/Hers)


2020 Vice-President of Info/Comm

Rose Johnson (She/Her/Hers)

2021 President of ESC

Subisha Sundaram (She/Hers)


2021 Vice-President of Events

Harjasleen Gulati (She/Hers)

2021 Vice-President of Finance

Audrey Collins (She/Hers)