Welcome to the ESC Elections Page!

ESC Elections will be taking place during Week 6 of the Winter Term 2022. We will have an ESC Officer Info-Session for those interested Week 4 on Thursday, January 27th from 6- 7 PM in KEC 1003 for those interested in running for positions. Use this page to learn more about position requirements, learn more about election rules & positions, and submit your presentations.



So What Are the Rules?

It's super easy to get your application in to become an ESC Officer.

  • Below you can find a complete guide to the slide submission you will want to turn in for your consideration for a role. This slide will be your visual during the Week 6 ESC General Body Meeting.
  • You present to the recognized SSOs for 2 minutes during Week 6 GBM, explaining why you should be elected. 
  • ESC voting will be done via the ESC Week 6 GBM Attendance Form - 1 vote per club
  • Candidates may also run off the floor for positions and will be added to the Attendance Form Candidate List.
  • Those who run positions must be Undergraduate or Graduate students in the College of Engineering.
  • The President must have at least one term worth experience on ESC.
  • You are allowed to run for multiple positions but can only accept one.
  • Elected officers will be announced at the end of attendance collection and announced afterward.


Each recognized SSO will have one vote each per position to be filled. If you are elected into a position, congratulations! Executive officer terms are filled for one academic year unless the member resigns on their own terms, no longer fits the requirement criterion, or is removed by the ESC executive board. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more! (The Messenger Bot is the Fastest Way!)



Info Session Recording

What your Slide Should Look Like

You should have a single slide with your name and position you are running for, as well as your qualifications and goals for your time on ESC.


                            Upload Your Slides Below!                                                                                            

(pdf is recomended)

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