HKN is an honor society for Electrical and Computer Engineering majors. It is a national honorary society, with nearly 200 chapters at different universities. The first chapter was founded in 1904 at the University of Illinois. The Pi chapter here at OSU was founded in 1920. The top quarter of ECE juniors and the top third of ECE seniors are invited to join HKN each Fall. 

At Oregon State, we focus on providing access to faculty, professional development, and leadership opportunities. We participate in various activities throughout the year. Chapter meetings and game nights are regularly to build comradery and networking opportunities amounts members. Guest speakers from the department and industry are invited often to give our members unique opportunities to network and speak with potential future employers.

Recently as an organization, we participated in the COE networking night, where we sponsored an industry company. We plan on hosting more companies at future networking nights in the future. 

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