Faculty Advisor:

Arun Natarajan


Officer Information

      President: Austin Goergen

      Austin Goergen is the current President of the Eta Kappa Nu Pi Chapter at Oregon State.  He is a member of the OSU Robotics Club Mars Rover team and the Oregon State Drumline.  For the past two years, Austin has worked as a student technician at the IS Service Desk providing technical support to university students and staff.  During his free time, Austin enjoys hiking and going to the range.

      Vice President: Felipe Orrico Scognamiglio

      Felipe is the current Vice-President of the Eta Kappa Ni Pi Chapter at Oregon State. He is a member of the OSU Robotics Club Mars Rover team. For the past year, Felipe has worked as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant for CS 16X and CS344 courses. During his free time, Felipe likes to read books, code, and watch TV shows.

     Treasurer: Alyssa Estenson

     Alyssa Estenson is the current treasurer for the Eta Kappa Nu Pi Chapter at Oregon State University. She is a fourth-year student projected to graduate in 2022 and was inducted into Eta Kappa Nu in 2020. For the past few years, Alyssa has worked as an undergraduate learning assistant for computer science classes and has worked briefly in research and program management positions. Currently, Alyssa is working on her undergraduate thesis anticipated to focus on device adaptability and accessibility. When not working or studying, she enjoys making art or spending time outdoors.

     Secretary: Jazmin Cartagena

     Jazmin Cartagena is the current secretary of the Pi chapter of Eta Kappa Nu. She was inducted into Eta Kappa Nu in November 2019. She is projected to graduate in 2023. She is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran with 5 years of experience within the aviation community. She currently is interning at the HP as a Life Safety Engineer. When she is not doing school or work she is hanging out with her three-year-old daughter and husband. Her hobbies include hiking, photography, learning languages, and teaching her daughter new sports!


Current Members:

Matthew Gragg

Felipe Orrico Scognamiglio

Alexander Mote

Grayson Lewis

Micheal Fuller

Brandon Rawson

Marcus Plumley

Nicholas Biggerstaff

Alyssa Estenson

Zeyu Dai

Jia Yi Li

Christopher Pomeroy

Austin Goergen

Benjamin Hillen

Noah Koontz

Sean Booth

Jazmin Cartagena

Dylan Oster

Ethan Ward

Todd Brickley

Trevor Murphy

Noah Hoffman

Recent Alumni:

Walter Agra Neto

Leonora Huynh-Watkins

Joshua Wentzel   

Ichen Lee

 Nicholas Johansen

Brittany Taggart  

Zhaolin Liu

 Jeremy Pon

Jared Gaskin  

Isaac Grossberg

Quinn Handley

Xinyu Ma  

Richard Smith  

Zachary Steinberg

Andres Vega

Trevor Verhelst

Aaron Walder

  Justin Womack

Thomas Prihoda