Chem-E-Car Club Officers
Experimental Team Captain:
Austin Miller (
I am currently a junior studying Chemical Engineering and pursuing an emphasis in Material Science. My interests include semiconductors, batteries, and energy storage.
I am the Captain of the Innovative Team, working with three sub-teams (starting, stopping, and mechanical) to create an innovative car using novel energy production methods. The goal of this team is to brainstorm, develop, and produce different technologies annually to compete against cars using standard chemical reaction methods.
Fuel Cell Team Captains:
Anica Neumann (
Justin Tran (
Ben Appleby (
I am almost an engineer, interested in designing and building the next device, equipment, instrument, or structure that can benefit society without hurting the environment. I have just begun on my journey as a Chemical Engineer: scheduled to complete my bachelors in science in 2018. 
My role on the team includes building circuits, investigating time-dependent reactions to be used as a stopping mechanism, and creating a low-cost conductivity sensor to be used in conjunction with an Arduino. The role of the secretary is also to write and distribute weekly meeting minutes to keep team and advisers up-to-date on operations.

Jason Dong (
My name is Jason Dong, I'm a second year in Bioengineering. I serve as the secretary for the Innovative team which means that I take attendance and take meeting minutes for all of our meetings. One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures, but I take a of bad ones to get the one gem in the rough.
Zia Klocke (

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Safety Coordinator:
Monika Hoke (
Monika Hoke is currently a sophomore in Chemical Engineering. She was elected to be the 2016-2017 safety coordinator. She has been involved with Chem-E Car since January 2016. Monika ensures that cars comply with AIChE safety standards as well as oversees safety documentation. 
Gillian Williams (