Chem-E-Car Club Officers
Club President
Monika Hoke
Monika is a senior in chemical engineering. She has been a member of the club for three years. She has worked on leadership as the safety coordinator and treasurer prior to being elected the club president. When she is not busy with school, Monika enjoys running and reading (books other than her textbooks, obviously).
Fuel Cell Team Captain
Gillian Williams
Gillian is a junior in biological engineering. She has worked closely with the design and testing of the fuel cell team since joining in October of her first year. She has organized the team as the captain since June 2017, leading the team to two national competitions!
Jason Dong
Jason is a senior in biological engineering. He assists during meetings by taking minutes and providing support through the Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering (CBEE) Student Club as the BioE President. Jason enjoys taking pictures, but he takes a lot of bad ones to get the one gem in the rough.
Safety Coordinator
Kelsey Engebo
Kelsey is a sophomore in chemical engineering. He manages the laboratory enivronment, making sure all team members are have taken required safety training and maintaining a safe lab space. Outside of school, Kelsey enjoys hiking around the Corvallis area and taking photos.