The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Student Chapter at Oregon State University is a part of the ASCE Student Chapter, and was established in 2018. The purpose of the group is to facilitate a smooth transition for structural engineering students to professional practice. Graduate students as well as undergraduates are all welcome! The OSU SEI student chapter hopes to achieve this by providing events where students can interact with professionals and learn more about structural engineering practice in a variety of ways. The OSU student chapter works together with the Oregon Section of ASCE and the SEI professional chapter in Oregon to accomplish its goals in serving OSU students.



 A few events that are being planned for the coming year:


Mentoring to help students connect with structural engineering professionals while still here at OSU.


Structural engineer speakers to discuss current projects and the practice of structural engineering in a variety of aspects.


Field trips to visit construction sites for significant structures.


Movie night with a documentary about the structural engineering profession.


To be a part of the OSU SEI student chapter, you should join both the OSU ASCE student chapter (just $15 one-time dues) and national ASCE (free!). Both provide lots of benefits for you as a student and as you head into your career.




If you have any questions, please contact:


SEI Student Chapter Chair: David Rivera Torres -


SEI Faculty Advisor: Dr Tom Miller -; 541-737-3322