Welcome to Oregon State University's Concrete Canoe Team!

Every year, OSU ASCE competes in the ASCE Pacific Northwest Student Conference concrete canoe competition. This competition is designed to provide students the oppurtunity to work with concrete mix designs and learn fundamental skills in leadership and project management. The OSU Concrete Canoe team works hard throughout the school year to prepare the canoe for the spring competition, hosted at rotating college campuses across the Pacific Northwest region.

All undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate.

For more information, contact team captains Cadell Chand (chandc@oregonstate.edu) or Neamh Gaddi-Nguyen (gaddingn@oregonstate.edu).

Previous Competition Awards for the ASCE Pacific Northwest Student Conference:

2017: 2nd Place Overall

  • 1st place in Design Report
  • 1st Place in Final Product
  • 4th Place in Oral Presentation

2016 : 2nd Place Overall (out of 13 universities)

  • 1st Place in Final Product
  • 1st Place in Design Paper
  • 4th Place in Oral Presentation

2015: 2nd Place Overall (out of 12 universities)

  • 1st Place in Oral Presentation
  • 2nd Place in Design Paper
  • 3rd Place in Final Product
  • 6th Place in Canoe Races

2014: 3rd Place Overall (out of 13 universities)

  • 1st Place in Design Paper
  • 2nd Place in Canoe Races
  • 4th Place in Final Product

2013: 5th Place Overall (out of 11 universities)

  • 2nd Place in Oral Presentation
  • 4th Place in Design Paper
  • 4th Place in Canoe Races

2012: 1st Place Overall

  • Moved on to compete in the National Concrete Canoe Competition in Reno, NV

2011: 4th Place Overall (out of 9 universities)

  • 1st Place in Canoe Races
  • 3rd Place in Final Product
  • 4th Place in Oral Presentation
  • 6th Place in Design Paper