Oregon State's Chem-E-Car Safety Information

Safety for the team has three parts:

1. The AiChE Chem-E-Car Safety Training

2. The OSU Enviromental Health and Safety (EH&S) Training

3. The OSU School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering Facilities Access CANVAS Course


ALL must be completed before you can begin working with chemicals. Certificates should be uploaded to the Microsoft Teams Safety Channel.


AICHE Safety Training Course:

The AICHE Safety Training Course must be completed by all students participants.


Oregon State University Lab Safety:

OSU requires all students complete safety training in order to work in the lab. Contact the project manager to add you to the OSU SciShield page

  • Use your OSU credentials to log into the SciShield portal.
  • Complete the required trainings.


CBEE Facilities Access:

CBEE requires all students working in their facilities to undergo unit-specific training on CANVAS which consists of some final documentation, a short PowerPoint, and a quiz. Access to this will be submitted by an officer or advisor and updated by the Facilities Manager Jennifer Moore (Jennifer.Moore@oregonstate.edu). Please ensure your OSU ID number has been submitted when you joined so that you can be added. 


SDS Information:

OSU EH&S has a repository of a wide range of chemical SDS that should be the Team's first stop for finding SDSs. Use the link below and login with your ONID account. The system will tell you that there isn't account for you, which is fine. Once you have logged in, click on 'SDS Search' to be brought to the Bioraft page.

Link: https://ehs.oregonstate.edu/osu-internal/sds


Questions about safety?

Ask an officer!


Updated 26 Sep. 2022