This year featured several major changes for The American Nuclear Society Oregon State University Student Chapter. A new faculty advisor, Dr. Samuel Briggs, joined our club and a new organizational style was implemented to help streamline club events and offer more opportunities to engage with our members. Our club also celebrated its 50th Anniversary this year and put together a celebratory event that hosted ANS President Marilyn Kray and Past President Dr. Andrew Klein. This year had many successes, but was unfortunately cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic and our hard fought momentum was brought to an abrupt halt. Although we may not be able to meet with our members in-person sometime soon, we are confident that next year’s leadership team will continue the efforts we have been working on.


We started the year off with a lot of Oregon State students showing interest in ANS during Cookies and Clubs, an event organized by OSU’s College of Engineering, targeted to incoming freshmen and transfer students to get to know the different clubs on campus. After the fall general meeting, we carried out multiple events such as the fall barbecue, TRIGA reactor tours, national laboratories informational sessions, etc. that will be discussed in greater detail in the report. During the winter term, the executive committee along with a few dedicated members planned the 2020 OSU ANS Winter Conference that was hosted at the OSU Memorial Union for students to present their research, literary reviews, or any other topic nuclear-related. The conference was a success and we are very proud of the student presenters for their work and achievements which are the main aspects we wanted to showcase through this event. Ten of these students had submitted their summaries and been approved to present at the 2020 ANS Student Conference; however, that conference was postponed due to the pandemic. Another highlight to this year was our 50th Anniversary celebration during which students, faculty, staff, and industry professionals gathered to enjoy a nice dinner, participate on a panel about the current state of nuclear power and research, and close the evening with a delicious cake and networking time.

The American Nuclear Society Oregon State University Student Chapter is proud of what we have accomplished this year and the noticeable greater student participation and engagement with our club. As a student section, we believe we are on the right path towards promoting the advancement of the nuclear science and engineering field within our members and the community.