2020 - 2021 Executive Team



Lucia R. Gomez Hurtado 

Lucia is a fourth-year studying Nuclear Engineering. She became involved in ANS starting her freshman year. She has also been the Fundraising Coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) for the last two consecutive years and actively participates in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) OSU student sections. She is a member of OSU’s College of Engineering Leadership Academy and Alpha Nu Sigma. Lucia has been working under the supervision of Dr. Briggs on various nuclear materials research assignments.



Vice President:


Brandon Kamiyama

Brandon is currently a third-year undergraduate studying Nuclear Engineering. He has been an ANS executive committee member for the last two years. Networking with peers and faculty, attending conferences, and outreaching to the public are his favorite activities in ANS. He is also a research assistant in Dr. Wade Marcum’s experimental thermal hydraulics group. Throughout his undergraduate study, he has worked on numerous projects involving thermal-fluid sciences, advanced reactors, and nuclear core design. Additionally, he is a member of the American Physical Society and Alpha Nu Sigma. 





Stephanie Juarez

Stephanie is a fourth-year undergraduate studying Radiation Health Physics at OSU. This was her first year as an officer and she has thoroughly enjoyed her experience thus far. Additionally, Stephanie has been working under Dr. Scott A. Menn in the Radiation Health Physics department. 





Emily Bradish 

Emily is a freshman majoring in Nuclear Engineering. This is her first year in ANS and is the ANS treasurer. She hopes to improve networking and teambuilding skills from ANS. She had an internship with the Seattle Maritime Academy for a week, assisting in research. She is from Federal Way, Washington and greatly enjoys bullet journaling, interpreting dreams, and drawing.


Outreach Chair: 


Jake Quincey

Jake is a second-year Ph.D. student under Prof. Samuel Briggs at Oregon State University. His research involves molten chloride and fluoride salt corrosion and the development of electrochemical monitoring techniques in molten salts. Jake has been involved with ANS for six years serving in a variety of positions in both a student and national chapter levels. He enjoys international networking and the technical resources and conferences that come with being involved in ANS. ANS also has served as an invaluable platform to reach out and educate the public on nuclear science and technology from local and state politicians to schools and youth organizations like Boy and Girl Scouts.



Social Chair:


Erika is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Nuclear Engineering at OSU. She is a transfer student from Northern Michigan University and joined ANS during her first year at OSU




Sophomore Representative:


Maren Arneson

Maren is a second-year undergraduate student studying Nuclear Engineering at OSU. She joined the ANS executive committee as the freshman representative and is a part of the OSU College of Engineering Leadership Academy, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and Out in STEM (oSTEM). Maren has also participated in undergraduate research with Dr. Walter Loveland of the nuclear chemistry department on the analysis of independent yields of isotopes.




Freshman Representative: 


Phia Morton

Phia is a freshman majoring in Physics and Nuclear Engineering at OSU. This is her first year in ANS and is the Freshman Representative, she hopes to find a community of peers who shares her interest in Nuclear Engineering and hopes to get connected to research opportunities. Currently, she works at the Oregon Observatory in Sunriver operating the telescopes. She is from Bend, OR and will be moving to Corvallis in January. She enjoys spending time with her little dog, hiking, playing in band, and rock climbing.



Faculty Advisor:


Dr. Samuel Briggs

Samuel Briggs joined OSU as an Assistant Professor in 2018 and has been a faculty advisor to the ANS OSU chapter for one year. He also sits on the executive committee of the ANS Material Science and Technology Division. Prior to Oregon State, he was a postdoctoral appointee at Sandia National Laboratories. His expertise is in microstructural characterization and microscopy of radiation damage in materials, with an emphasis on studying damage structures and precipitation in metals using transmission electron microscopy, atom probe tomography, and diffraction-based techniques.