2021 - 2022 Executive Team



Tracey Spoerer 

Tracey is a 2nd year graduate student pursuing an M.S. in nuclear engineering and graduated with a B.S. in nuclear engineering from Oregon State University in 2020. His current research is in radiation transport modeling and neutronic analysis of the Oregon State TRIGA Reactor (OSTR) core. Tracey is also an NRC-licensed Senior Reactor Operator at OSTR. 



Vice President:

Maren Arneson

Maren is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in Material Science. She joined the ANS executive committee as a freshman and has also been an active member of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Out in STEM (oSTEM).




Tanner Heatherly

Tanner is currently a third-year undergraduate studying Nuclear Engineering. Networking with peers and faculty, advertising events on the ANS Instagram, and outreaching to the community are his favorite activities in ANS. He hopes to use his experience as a transfer student to better connect students with ANS and the opportunities that it has to offer.




Graey Bradish 

Emily is a sophomore majoring in Nuclear Engineering. This is her second year in ANS and is the ANS treasurer. She hopes to improve networking and teambuilding skills from ANS. She had an internship with the Seattle Maritime Academy for a week, assisting in research. She is from Federal Way, Washington and greatly enjoys bullet journaling, interpreting dreams, and drawing.



Outreach Chair: 

Matthew Hageman

Matthew is a senior studying nuclear engineering. He has previously served on the ANS OSU Executive Committee as Sophomore Representative and President. He has also been involved in the NSE Department as a tutor and radiochemistry research assistant in Dr. Paulenova's group. Matthew currently interns at NuScale Power in the Core and Fuels group and is also a member of INMM, Alpha Nu Sigma, and Tau Beta Pi.



Social Chair:


Erika is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Nuclear Engineering at OSU. She is a transfer student from Northern Michigan University and joined ANS during her first year at OSU



Undergraduate Representatives:


MacKenzie Bjornstedt

Mackenzie is a first-year student at Oregon State University studying nuclear engineering and sustainability. This is her first year in ANS and she is serving as an Undergraduate Representative for the 2021-2022 school year.



Brison Cowan

Brison is a second-year undergraduate studying nuclear engineering. He joined ANS this year and plans to use his experience tutoring to expand nuclear to a wider group of people, as well as changing the public perception of nuclear power. He is currently working on the HALE project at OSU to create a high altitude rocket to clear the Kármán line.



Faculty Advisor:


Dr. Samuel Briggs

Samuel Briggs joined OSU as an Assistant Professor in 2018 and has been a faculty advisor to the ANS OSU chapter for one year. He also sits on the executive committee of the ANS Material Science and Technology Division. Prior to Oregon State, he was a postdoctoral appointee at Sandia National Laboratories. His expertise is in microstructural characterization and microscopy of radiation damage in materials, with an emphasis on studying damage structures and precipitation in metals using transmission electron microscopy, atom probe tomography, and diffraction-based techniques.