About Us

EERI, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, is a global non-profit organization dedicated to reducing earth risk. Tools EERI uses to accomplish this task is supporting the advancement of the science and practice of earthquake engineering, improving the understanding of earthquake impacts, and advocating comprehensive and realistic measures for reducing earthquake effects.

Our student chapter here at Oregon State has the same goal, but with a focus on the application of this mission to our community. Our hope is to enrich the educational experience for students, both at the university level and K through 12, interested in earthquake engineering by providing opportunities for them to grow and achieve. This is accomplished through any number of our outreach programs - speaker meetings, software training, engineering competitions, post-disaster reconnaissance training - all of which you can become apart of. 

Visit the national organization's website to learn about the global work and impact of EERI.


How to Join

Joining EERI is a free opportunity available to any and all disciplines at Oregon State University. Though we reside within the School of Civil and Construction Engineering, EERI is much more than engineering. We strive to be a multi-disciplinary organization, engaging with public policy, hazard mitigation, disaster recovery, and urban planning for which we need all kinds of people!

If have an interest in joining our organization please contact our President, Tanner Field at fieldt@oregonstate.edu, with your inquiry. Questions welcome!


Contact Us

President, Tanner Field

Treasurer and Vice President, Amy Metz

Industry Outreach and Event Coordinator, Alex Saccente

Education Outreach, Jackson Megy

Secretary, Samuel McKay



Social Media

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Instagram - @oregonstateeeri

Twitter - @OregonStateEERI


Annual Reports

For more detailed information about OSU EERI see our Annual Reports below. Each report details the work performed by our local chapter in a given year.