Our collaboratively published Disaster Preparedness Series with the Corvallis Gazette-Times is authored by Oregon State faculty and students highlighting key concepts to achieving a prepared and resilient society. 


Article 1: Earthquake preparedness – where do we start?

Authors: Tiana Thorp & Dr. Erica C. Fischer 


Article 2: Feel secure and be prepared: Earthquake safety at home

Authors: Stefanie Schulze & Dr. Erica C. Fischer 


Article 3: Education is our best ally for earthquake and tsunami preparedness

Author: Dr. Ben Mason


Article 4: What will it take to clean up after 'big one?'

Author: Dr. Joseph Louis


Article 5: Learning from earthquakes: It's not Just a research endeavor'

Author: Dr. Armin Stuedlin


Article 6: How tall timber structures can survive “the big one”

Author: Esther Baas


Article 7: Coastal sediment a challenge during quakes, tsunamis

Author: Dr. Meagan Wengrove


Article 8: Using computer simulations to prepare for quakes, tsunamis

Author: Dr. Michael Scott