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2022-2023 Annual Funding Request

Contact ESC VP Finance (ESC.VPFinance@oregonstate.edu) with questions, comments or concerns!

Big Doc of Funding can be found here

Important deadlines:

May 31 by midnight 

First rough draft submitted through the Google forms 


May 31 by midnight 

The impact reports are due. 


June 15 by midnight 

Final Annual Funding Request submitted through Ideal Logic 


If any of these important deadlines are missed, it will be taken into consideration when determining how much funding your club will receive. Remember to reach out if you’re confused or have questions! We’re here to help you succeed!

  • Funding Request Steps

1) Impact Reports

Click Here for Info!

2) Balance Budget

Balance your 2022/2023 club budget on Ideal Logic 

  • If the budget isn’t balancing, close out of the budget

3) Prepare a Draft

Prepare Annual Funding Request presentation draft

  • Prepare and submit a rough draft Funding Request Presentation. 
  • The first draft will be due by May 31 by midnight
  • You can submit it as many times as you’d like, and you will receive feedback via email.
  • Submit Your Draft Here

4) RSO Forms

Fill out the RSO forms on Ideal Logic

  • Complete the RSO Annual Recognition Renewal
  • Complete the Sponsorship Agreement

You will NOT be able to access the Annual Funding Request until these have been completed

5) Submit!

Submit the Annual Funding Request

  • You must complete the previous steps, (1-6), in order to do this, as well as receive VP Finance approval BEFORE submitting to Ideal Logic. 
  • It’s due June 15 by midnight, we encourage you to not wait until the last minute!