ESC Student Advisory Board

The ESC Student advisory board is a group of students that work to connect COE students to the greater COE community. There is one representative from each of the COE schools (CBEE, CCE, ECE, MIME, and NSE). Each senator (board member) is responsible for working on projects that have been identified as most relevant to their respective school. The role is varied for each senator. To become a Student Advisory Board senator, students apply and then undergo an interview process by the current ESC members. Each senator has their own email which we encourage you to use to reach out to senators for COE school feedback, questions, concerns etc. The Student Advisory Board is the College of Engineering's way of recognizing student voice and creating positive change in COE benefiting both faculty and students.

Get a closer look at the ESC team on our About Us page!

About Us

Current Members

Casey Johnson | CBEE |

Martin Kaiser | CCE |

Marshall Saltz | EECS |

James Shea | MIME |

Hayden Forester | NSE |

Grace Boisen | BEE |

Positions Coming Next Year (2023-2024)!

Ecampus Student Advisory Board

Casacades Student Advisory Board

  • ESC SAB Info

Info Session Recorded Video

Info Session Presentation Slides

SAB Goal: Introduce student voice into administrative discussion and decision making

Beginning with the passing of ASOSU Legislation JR-11.06 “Student Advisory Boards Resolution”, ESC has worked to implement a COE wide SAB.

5 new open positions on ESC as ‘Senators’ for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Positions to filled focusing on 5 schools [CCE,CBEE,EECS,MIME,NSE]

Duties: Attending School Head LT meetings, Academic planning meetings, expand on respective school objectives. Detailed school-specific objectives listed in the Info-Session slides

 ESC Senator Application requirements

*Applications for ESC Senator positions are presently closed*

Positions will open up when the acting senators quit, and the applications will likely be in the Fall. The application requires that you be a part of the COE school that you are applying for. To apply, you must fill out an application and then do a 30 minute interview. 

  • EECS Open Forum

Engineering Student Council's EECS Open Forum is an annual event hosted to gather feedback from students around common themes determined via a yearly survey. The event gives students the opportunity to help form advocacy goals for the ESC Student Advisory Board for the following school year. Information gathered from the event is shared across the CoE and the School of EECS to help make faculty and staff aware of student voices.