Why join OSU ASCE?

"I joined ASCE to build my resume. It seemed like a great idea to have ASCE membership on my resume, and the activities that the chapter is involved in make it easy to add a thing here or there to make yourself stand out.  ASCE is a great place to meet people who like to get involved and who want to be more than just a student." - Aaron W. 

"....to design, build and race concrete canoes!!!" - Andy T. 

"Joining ASCE has been great because I get to meet other civil engineering students who are in all my classes but I am not able to get to know in class. Meeting these other students is fun because you make new friends, and helpful when it comes time to study :)" 

"This is my first year at OSU and as such I didn’t have much exposure to civil engineering coming into this school year. I wanted to join ASCE to learn more about the field and get connected with civil engineering professionals. ASCE is a great way to network with civil engineering professionals through speaker meetings as well as get help and guidance from other civil engineering students who are further along in their CE programs. Even more importantly, ASCE activities can be really fun!" - Kevin B. 

"Everybody who is anybody should join ASCE because every officer is friendly and welcomes every new member. I, as a freshman, have already received valuable advice from my fellow officers and I cannot thank them enough for that. In addition, there are so many different projects within ASCE that you can be involved with and the best part, no experience is necessary. You can learn so much within ASCE and even make lifelong friends with your fellow members. There is absolutely no reason why you should not join ASCE." - Amber M. 

"I joined ASCE as a student in 1978 and have been a member for the 40 years since then. It is a great way to serve others, make professional contacts, have fun and make friends along the way!" - Dr. Tom Miller, Faculty Advisor